[Mailman-Users] Target individual list member with sub-addressing when sending?

Grant Taylor gtaylor at riverviewtech.net
Wed Apr 29 17:41:23 CEST 2009

On 04/28/09 01:14, Charles Rosenberg wrote:
> 5.     In addition to number 4, I setup a special "reply-to" address 
> where all replies should go to.

Is the "reply-to" address set to the mailing list or a different 
address?  (I'm guessing different but I figured I had better ask to be 

> 6.     Because the vast majority of the subscribers will be using 
> their cell-phones' built-in capability for e-mail, I found out step 5 
> actually won't work for them. (Yay Japan!)

Don't you just love half @$$ implementations...  (I'm going to digress 
before I even get started.)

> 7.     Because of 6, I created a re-write rule in Postfix to force 
> all the From: headers to be the "reply-to" address.


> 8.     The "reply-to" address is set to forward the e-mails to the 
> original list "poster" inside of Postfix.

Are you saying that Postfix has been configured such that the email 
address that replies are directed to (via "Reply-To:" or "From:") is 
forwarded / redirected in to the address used submit new posts to the 
list or somehow magically directing to the email address of the person 
that posted.  (Again I want to be sure that there is no collision with 
the "post" address.)

> After receiving a message through the "reply-to" address, I want the 
> original poster to be able to send a single message back to the 
> "replier," possibly answering some question.

Ok, is this a correct understanding of the sequence of events?

  1)  Original poster sends an original message to the mailing list.
  2)  Mailing list sends the original message to all subscribers with a 
custom Reply-To: / From: address.
  3)  Responder replies to the original message to the mailing list via 
the custom Reply-To: / From: address.
  4)  Mailing list sends the reply message to all subscribers with a 
(different?) custom Reply-To: / From: address.
  5)  Responder replies to the reply message to the original poster via 
the (different) custom Reply-To: / From: address.

> Problem: I can't have 
> the "poster" know the individual address of the "replier," nor can I 
> have the "replier" know the direct address of the "poster."


Would it be ok for subscribers to know other subscribers addresses /if/ 
the addresses were ""forwarders for the mailing list?  I.e. when ever 
someone sent a message through the list their From: address would be 
translated to their special ""list address?  Similarly any messages sent 
to these ""list addresses would then be forwarded on to the real 
address.  All the while people not knowing each others ""real addresses, 
just the ""list addresses.

> Would it 
> be possible to use some sort of sub-addressing, extended addressing, 
> plus addressing, etc. to send a message to an individual subscriber 
> based on a "subscriber" username or something?  For example sending 
> to Australia+KenYamaguchi at lists.seishinonline.jp would cause the 
> e-mail to only go to the subscriber associated with "KenYamaguchi" 
> and NOT the whole list.  This way, neither side knows the other's 
> "direct mail address." Is this possible?  Thanks in advance.

I think the conditional mass forwarding you are asking for is beyond the 
scope of Mailman.  However, that being said, I think it would be 
possible to set up something to help decide where to send messages and 
conditionally send messages to the mailing list or individual recipients.

Grant. . . .

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