[Mailman-Users] Missing confirmation requests and held messages

Gregory Skelton gskelton at gravity.phys.uwm.edu
Sun Aug 2 02:34:58 CEST 2009

Hi Mark and et al,

I apologize for not explaining myself very well before. The collaboration 
that I work for has had MailMan lists for over 10 years, and we've 
recently run into a problem with our lists. I've read through the install 
directions and have even googled the problem; without any results.

The problem we're having looks like this. When we have messages held for 
moderator approval, when there "approved" the message disappears and 
doesn't get delivered to the list. The things we've already look at are: 
the mailman cron job, owned my mailman is in place and functioning. The 
options for not allowing html/MIME content is disabled. This problem 
happens all the time, and I can reproduce it consistently.

I'm wondering if there's anything else we've missed, doesn't anyone have 
an idea?

Thanks Much,

On Sat, 1 Aug 2009, Mark Sapiro wrote:

> Gregory Skelton wrote:
>> I'm kinda new to the administrating mailman lists, and I've recently run
>> into a problem with our current setup. We have multiple list, all the data
>> is mounted over nfs, and we're seeing missing emails. For instance, we've
>> had some users try to subscribe to a list but don't get a confirmation
>> email, other times we're seeing "held" messages no show up in the qeue for
>> the administrator to authorize them. This is starting to become a real
>> problem for our scientific colaboration, and I need to get it fixed soon.
> Is this a "new" problem, or just newly discovered? If it is a "new"
> problem, what changed?
>> We're running mailman 2.1.9, and sendmail sendmail-8.13.8-2 on a Centos
>> 5.2 system.
>> Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem?
> It's almost impossible to even guess based on only the above.
>> I've ran check_perms script, and it gave me this output:
>> Warning: Private archive directory is other-executable (o+x).
>>          This could allow other users on your system to read private
>> 	archives.
>>          If you're on a shared multiuser system, you should consult the
>>          installation manual on how to fix this.
>> No problems found
> This is completely normal.
>> And running check_db -a -v
>> I noticed most of mailing list are ok, but found a few list that have this
>> problem.
>> List: lalsuite-commits
>>    /var/mailman/lists/lalsuite-commits/config.pck: okay
>>    /var/mailman/lists/lalsuite-commits/config.pck.last: okay
>>     [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
>> '/var/mailman/lists/lalsuite-commits/config.db'
>>     [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
>> '/var/mailman/lists/lalsuite-commits/config.db.last'
> This is normal too. The lists that don't have config.db and
> config.db.last files were created under Mailman 2.1.x. Those that do
> have them were migrated from 2.0.x. In fact it is a good idea to
> remove the config.db and config.db.last files from the lists that have
> them. Otherwise, if the config.pck and config.pck.last files ever get
> corrupted, Mailman could fall back to the config.db or config.db.last
> and then you'd wind up with a years-old configuration and membership
> list.

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