[Mailman-Users] monthly password reminders

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Aug 3 21:34:44 CEST 2009

Con Wieland wrote:

>I run a server with a few hundred lists. When the monthly password  
>reminders are sent they are sent from mailman-owner and so the  
>bounces come back to the main mailman-bounces address. Is there a way  
>to have them come from the list so they are returned to the  
>individual list owners?

Since the reminders may be for multiple list subscriptions, they can't
come from a single list other than the site list. The alternative
would be to send an individual reminder for each subscription. I think
this would be too burdensome for people subscribed to multiple lists.

Note that bounces of password reminders should be rare unless you never
deal with them. Normally they will only occur under one of three

1) the member has set delivery off and forgotten about the list and
then the member's address died.

2) the list is dormant.

3) the list doesn't do bounce processing or doesn't have effective
settings for bounce processing.

Under all other circumstances, normal bounce processing will remove the

I recognize that dealing with these can be a burden for site admins,
especially on first upgrading from pre 2.1.11 where these bounces were
never seen and there can be a lot of them, but once they are dealt
with, the ongoing occurrence should be minor.

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