[Mailman-Users] STUPID USERS

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Aug 5 20:36:46 CEST 2009

Charles Gregory wrote:
>Is there NO way to get a reminder notice to come FROM the 
>list/list-owner, even given the obvious issue with possible multiple 

It's a simple change. Just send one reminder per list.

But I for one for example receive a reminder every Mailman Day from
python.org covering 11 lists. I don't want to receive 11 separate

Given that periodic password reminders are going away in Mailman 3
anyway, I don't see an urgent need to "fix" this.

>I know how mailman works, but these people DON'T. Could there at
>least be an 'overview' function that recognizes mail sent to 
>'mailman-request' and gives them a list of commands to manage each list?

If you look carefully at the message you received and quoted, you will
see that the user first sent two 'help' commands to
mailman-request at hwcn.org, and then replied to the response saying that
it couldn't be understood. Perhaps I lack imagination, but I don't
know what I'd put in "a list of commands to manage each list" that
wouldn't be essentially what's in the response to a 'help' command, so
I don't think that would help in this case.

I could change the response to a 'help' command to be From:
'list-owner' instead of 'list-bounces', and I think I will. I suspect
it's being From: list-bounces is an artifact from Mailman 2.0 when it
was From: list-admin. But, I don't see that helping in your example.
It would only remove the 'unrecognized bounce' packaging from the
message which would still go to you as owner.

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