[Mailman-Users] postfix2mailman interface

Robert Socha socha at eur.pl
Tue Aug 4 19:37:11 CEST 2009


Sorry for my english. It's not my native language.

I created simple program to integrate postfix with mailman. I do that 
because none other solution was ideal for my configuration of postfix
(my postfix system use only virtual users without local recipients).

My program is writen in C language and is very simple. It's take 
mappings from cdb file (qmail cdb, tinycdb library) and run mailman binary.

For example:

Postfix transport table:

nameOfList		postfix2mailman:
nameOfList-subscribe	postfix2mailman:
nameOfList-anyaction	postfix2mailman:

postfix2mailman transport is definied in master.cf (example in source code)

postfix2mailman cdb maps (arguments MUST be separate by TAB):

nameOfList		post<TAB>	nameOfList
nameOfList-subscribe	subscribe<TAB>	nameOfList
nameOfList-action	action<TAB>	nameOfList<TAB>nextarg<TAB>more

postfix2mailman translate this configuration to mailman invocation:
	/path/to/mailman post nameOfList
	/path/to/mailman subscribe nameOfList

In configuration file we can set: nice level, verbosity, mailman path 
and mappings for lists.

This program works for me for more than week and I don't notice any 
problems. Mail volume on lists is about 30000 mails per day (this are 
announce type mailing lists).


Maybe somoeone will find this code useful :)


Robert Socha

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