[Mailman-Users] Email command in Mailman to get by e-mail a message(like ezmlm has)

Ricardo Dias Marques lists at ricmarques.net
Fri Aug 7 13:01:12 CEST 2009

Hi Mark,

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009, Mark Sapiro<mark at msapiro.net> wrote:

> No. There are no email commands for retrieving archived messages.

Thanks for your quick reply. Is there any reason for not implementing
this functionality -OR- is it just that there are other more urgent
things to implement for Mailman first?

> The pipermail web archive has periodic pseudo-mailbox (.txt and/or
> .txt.gz) files and there is normally a global archive mailbox in the
> file archives/private/LIST.mbox/LIST.mbox that may be linked from the
> archive table of contents and can normally be retrieved via a URL like
> <http://www.example.com/mailman/private/LIST.mbox/LIST.mbox>, but
> there is no mechanism to retrieve messages from the archive via email
> commends.

Interesting. Thanks for the information!


Ricardo Dias Marques
lists AT ricmarques DOT net

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