[Mailman-Users] address problem

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Aug 10 05:53:58 CEST 2009

Jim McKay wrote:

>I'm using
>* Mailman 2.1.9.-4.e15.i386
>* Redhat 5.3.03.i386
>* sendmail,i386
>I'm experienced with Mailman with BSD for sometime (a couple of years)  
>but the first time with Redhat on a completely different server.
>For this example/problem,
>my host is    wall
>Domain is   ss.uic.edu
>so I have    wall.ss.uic.edu
>Sendmail is fine and emails come and go with mail sent and received  
>from user at wall.ss.uic.edu
>I've used RPM to install Mailman.
>I've created a list  called techies with subscribers on everything  
>from in-house to gmail.
>When as a subscriber I send email to techies at wall.ss.uic.edu  the mail  
>is  arrives at users inboxes as being from techies at ss.uic.edu with  
>"wall" left off.
>On the Mailman admin page for "Techies" , under "General Options", I  
>have "Hostname this list prefers for email" set to wall.ss.uic.edu and  
>it still leaves off wall.

If host_name is wall.ss.uic.edu, then that is what Mailman is using in
outbound mail and it is an outbound MTA that is stripping off 'wall'.

Also, there appear to be no public DNS records of any kind for
wall.ss.uic.edu or ss.uic.edu either for that matter. This could be
part of the problem.

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