[Mailman-Users] Bounce processing not working - Update

Lindsay Haisley fmouse-mailman at fmp.com
Wed Aug 12 04:49:33 CEST 2009

I restarted (twice) the qrunner suite of processes from the system
command line using the system init scripts (/etc/init.d/mailman) with
two noticeable results.

First, an egregious number of "Bounce action notifications" and "list
unsubscribe notifications" went out on bounces for lists on which I'm
listed as an owner, including the one that brought this problem to my
attention.  Some notifications date back a couple of months so this is
apparently a problem of some duration.

Second, many subscribers to the problem list received multiple copies of
the most recently queued post.  Could this be because I stopped and
restarted the qrunners several times?  Why would this cause multiple
copies to be sent?

I should also note that the bouncing subscribers were _still_ not
unsubscribed, nor was the nomail flag set for those for whom a soft
bounce was received.

All qrunner processes were (and are still) running, or at least
according to the process table.  Can these processes crash, or go
zombie?  If so, what can I do to prevent this?  If I need to restart the
qrunners, how do I avoid causing multiple copies of posts to be sent

On Tue, 2009-08-11 at 13:02 -0500, Lindsay Haisley wrote:
> I have a list (several lists, actually) running on Mailman 2.1.11 and it
> looks as if bounce processing is broken.  On the list in question, the
> following are set:
> bounce_processing = Yes
> bounce_score_threshold = 1.0
> bounce_info_stale_after = 1
> bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings = 0
> bounce_you_are_disabled_warnings_interval = 7
> /var/lib/mailman/logs/bounce shows many entry lines of this form, in
> sets of 3 as shown below:
> Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com bounce score: 1.0
> Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com disabling due to bounce score 1.0 >= 1.0
> Aug 11 12:35:24 2009 (19017) listname: user at hotmail.com deleted after exhausting notices
> However, looking at the subscription roster or grepping for
> user at hotmail.com using list_members indicates that the user is still
> subscribed, with no nomail flag set, and no notice is sent to the list
> owner.
> I'm running mailman on Gentoo Linux which uses:
> PREFIX          = '/usr/lib64/mailman'
> VAR_PREFIX      = '/var/lib/mailman'
> Does anyone have any idea how to troubleshoot this?

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