[Mailman-Users] New, odd issue... WAS: Fixed (never mind) WAS: How do I kill a message...

J.A. Terranson measl at mfn.org
Wed Aug 12 07:35:24 CEST 2009

yOn Wed, 12 Aug 2009, J.A. Terranson wrote:

> I realized the whats/wheres/hows before you could fix my deficiency :-)
> only about 15% got out, but Im going to hear about it tomorrow :-(
> Thanks, as always.  You guys are really great!
> //Alif

I have four lists, yet three of them are OK, thie first is giving errors, 
but not in the error file.  Ideads>  When I browse to it it sits 
*forever*, then said Opps, we had na error! Ichedked the error file, and 

J.A. Terranson

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