[Mailman-Users] Multiple instances of Mailman on FreeBSD

Jeffrey Goldberg jeffrey at goldmark.org
Wed Aug 12 22:56:27 CEST 2009

On Aug 12, 2009, at 3:38 PM, Mel Flynn wrote:

> On Wednesday 12 August 2009 11:40:47 Bill Moran wrote:

>> Were it me, I'd add jails to the system. [...] That's obviously not  
>> the only way to get what you want, just my
>> suggestion.
> And mine.

Thank you and Bill for the jail suggestion.  I've never played with  
jails, as I really only have one public IP address available.

> FORCE_PKG_REGISTER abuse will hurt you sooner or later.

I am living in fear of that.

> If you must, then set PKG_DBDIR, PORT_DBDIR and PREFIX correctly.

I don't understand the Package and Port databases well enough to  
actually set them correctly, so I do suspect that I am causing trouble  
for myself this way.

> But things get much easier if you use seperate jails and a postfix  
> in mailhub mode on the main IP
> if you have only one incoming IP.

Ah.  I hadn't thought of that.  I do only have one IP.  I hadn't  
realized that I could set up private addresses on the same host.   
Would the postfix on the main IP be able to run scripts that are on  
individual jails?  If not, I'd have to set up a listening postfix in  
each jail which would accept mail forwarded to it only from the main  
IP.  For outgoing mail, mailman can talk SMTP to a "remote" mail  
server.  Another point of confusion with jails is that the HTTP  
interface for mailman would need to be on the public IP, but would  
need to access the appropriate mailman data that live within jails.

So I really think that unless I can do full jails, each with their own  
SMTP and HTTP daemons on their own public IPs, this would be very  
complicated to maintain.  But I am only guessing here as I don't  
really know what can and can't be done easily with jails.



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