[Mailman-Users] Corrupted archives ...

Glenn Sieb ges+lists at wingfoot.org
Thu Aug 13 05:38:23 CEST 2009

Mark Sapiro said the following on 8/12/09 10:05 AM:
> Do you see these Dec. 1999 messages when you look with Mutt?

*doublechecking* Yes. They look fine.

> It looks like someone or some script ran bin/arch on Mon Aug 10
> 18:53:40 EDT 2009 (and possibly at other times) with some spurious
> input, but I'm not sure what that input would be. The puzzling part is
> the "Previous/Next/Sorted" header which only appears in the periodic
> index files.
Yup. My archives are indexed automagically by Month-Year...

> As Terry suggests, you could run bin/cleanarch as an additional
> test/correction on the listname.mbox. There may be unescaped "From "
> in message bodies that didn't confuse Mutt or that you didn't notice
> with Mutt, and then run bin/arch --wipe to rebuild the archive. But
> also be aware as Terry says that this may renumber messages and break
> saved links to archived messages.

*nods* This is an instance where I may have to go through manually with
vi and fix this email-by-email. :sigh:

It will take forever, considering there are 55k or so messages in the
> An alternative alternative is to just remove 2009-August/,
> 2009-August.txt and 2009-August.txt.gz (if any) from
> archives/private/listname/ and then run bin/arch (without --wipe) with
> input just consisting of the Aug, 1999 portion of listname.mbox.
Ooh. Let me try that one.
> But the real questions are how did this happen; do the 128 "messages"
> all have Mon Aug 10 18:53:40 EDT 2009 timestamps or do they have
> different timestamps, and what may have been done at that/those times?
It was probably one of the times I ran arch --wipe.

And yes, they all have the same timestamp in the archives.

Let me try re-running the arch command with the 2009-August* files

Odd. I had to manually create the 2009-August directory, but the problem
is still there. :-/

(I did bin/arch (listname))

Thanks, Mark!

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