[Mailman-Users] Mailman - a few questions

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Aug 14 10:09:54 CEST 2009

Bill Catambay writes:
 > At 1:41 AM +0900 on 8/14/09, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
 > >  > >This can be done by setting up aliases as follows (pseudo-syntax, your
 > >  > >mileage will vary):
 > >  > >
 > >  > >foo-list:           moderator at example.com
 > >  > >foo-list-moderated: | mailman post foo-list

 > It does sound like something requiring my ISP involvement.  I'm sure 
 > they won't mind if it's a one-time setup and they understand what I'm 
 > requesting.  The thing is that I don't really understand what I'd be 
 > requesting, or why.

 > foo-list is the name of my mailing list, and moderator at example.com 
 > would be the moderator's email (aka, my email address).  I'm asking 
 > them to create an alias for the list name?  Or should that be the 
 > full list email address (e.g., foo-list at lists.sonic.net) ?

Yes, it is aliasing the list to you.  Everything gets forwarded to
you, you make your decisions, and send it on to the list.  If done
this way, (almost) all the Mailman filtering can be turned off.

 > What is "foo-list-moderated"?  I'm guessing "| mailman post foo-list" 
 > is some command line syntax that any server running Mailman would 
 > understand.  I can pretend to understand that (since my ISP tech 
 > support will probably understand it).

"foo-list-moderated" is where you send the mail once you've approved
it.  The best way would be if you can use an authenticated link, and
nobody can send to that address without authentication.  But that's
somewhat complex for the ISP to support.  "Security through obscurity"
should work OK, though.

 > This suggestion was in response to my leading paragraph, not any of 
 > my 4 issues,so I'm not really sure what this buys if I were to get my 
 > ISP to do it.  Was this a suggestion for how to do the redirection? 
 > (in which case, I'm already good, as I already use my email client 
 > for redirection)

I don't understand.  To what address do members send their posts?

 > Maybe there was an assumption made that people generally don't click 
 > reply to a digest (since the subject would be wrong, and the quoted 
 > text would be excessive).

Could be, but the digest feature is like 15 years old now.

Gotta run, but I think we're converging to a plan.


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