[Mailman-Users] Mailman - a few questions

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Thu Aug 13 04:39:02 CEST 2009

At 1:55 PM +0900 on 8/12/09, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:

>This can be done by setting up aliases as follows (pseudo-syntax, your
>mileage will vary):
>foo-list:           moderator at example.com
>foo-list-moderated: | mailman post foo-list
>That requires modifying the mailman aliases in the MTA manually,
>though.  And the moderator needs to know to send moderated posts to
>foo-list-moderated, and will need software capable of editing and
>resending without changing headers that the moderator doesn't want

This went over my head.  What does "MTA manually" mean?   Does that 
mean it cannot be done with the web interface?   Do I need to contact 
my ISP, or is there something I can do using my shell account access?

>  > Autoshare recognized the envelope sender and passed the post
>  > through to the list immediately.
>Recent mailman recognizes envelope sender for the "authorized
>posters".  You might want to screen out cases where the From spoofs
>the moderator using the spam filters because the test is "from OR
>sender OR envelope sender IS IN authorized-senders".

My ISP is using Mailman 2.1.11.  Is that the latest?  I'm guessing 
no, since it is currently NOT recognizing the envelope sender.  This 
sounds like one that I'll need to contact my ISP for.

>  > The problems I'm having are as follows:
>  >
>  > 1. The reply-to does not seem to work for digest members.
>I'll leave that to someone more familiar with the code.

It seems that if you change the reply-to to an explicit address, that 
both digest and non-digest members should have the same reply-to.  Is 
this an oversight?  Or perhaps this is something fixed in the latest 
version of Mailman?

>  > 2. For members whose email clients use buttons based upon email
>  > headers - specifically, list-id - they click on Reply to List and it
>  > goes to the wrong place.  I would either like to change the list-id
>  > value, or remove it entirely.  Is there a way to do that?
>IMO it is preferable to reroute the workflow using aliases as
>described above.  That will fix your digest problem too.

Hoping for some clarification on that, and I'd love to give it a try.

>That said, the option you need is on the admin page, near the bottom.
>Try disabling inclusion of the "List-Post" header.  If that doesn't
>work, disable inclusion of the "RFC 2369" headers, too.

I did both.  It appears to have fixed the problem (not sure which 
action, if not both, resolved it).

>  > 3. I would like the Mailman list to recognize the envelope sender
>  >    to authorize immediate distribution of the post.
>Yes, this is possible.  There's a FAQ on this.  Somebody else will
>give details shortly, I suppose.

Above you mentioned that it's already supported in the latest 
Mailman.  Is the solution you recommend here something that will work 
in the version 2.1.11?  In either case, which FAQ discusses it?  I've 
seen a few, but have yet to find something about envelope sender. 

>A second option here is to use the Approved: header or pseudo-header.
>Many MUAs can be set to add these automatically, YMMV.

Could you elaborate on this?  I don't know how to use Approved: 
header or pseudo-header (not sure what that means).  I also don't 
know what MUA stands for (sorry if I sound like a newbie... I guess I 

>  > 4. Lastly, the web archives created by Autoshare automatically
>  > created clickable HTML links for all HTML URL's in posts.  The
>  > Mailman archives are all unclickable plain text URL's.  Note, I want
>  > the list to remain a plain text list, as it was on Autoshare, but I'd
>  > still like Mailman to build HTML code to make the links active in the
>  > web archive.  Is there a way to do this?
>I don't think Pipermail (the default archiver bundled with Mailman)
>can do it at all, but it is possible to use external archivers such as
>MHonArc.  This requires substantial effort and cooperation from the
>list host admins, though.  There are also third-party archiving
>services.  Again, see the FAQ.

Interestingly, the archives for *this* mailing list appears to have 
some decent formatted archives.  Does this list use MHonArc?

Thanks for your response.  I really appreciate any further 
information I can get.  I'd like to accomplish as much as I can 
before going back to sonic.net.


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