[Mailman-Users] Multiple instances of Mailman on FreeBSD

Paul Schmehl pschmehl_lists at tx.rr.com
Wed Aug 12 22:21:47 CEST 2009

--On Wednesday, August 12, 2009 13:55:18 -0500 Jeffrey Goldberg 
<jeffrey at goldmark.org> wrote:

> I'm posting this to both the mailman-users list and the freebsd-ports
> list.  I realize that not all follow-up will make it to both lists.
> I would like to set up multiple instances of Mailman on a FreeBSD 7-
> STABLE system with using Postfix.  Looking at the ports Makefile, it
> appears that if I set MM_DIR=mailman/vhosts/domain-for-this-instance
> everything should work file (plus add FORCE_PACKAGE_REGISTER allow
> this second instance to be installed.)
> But when I do
>   % cd /usr/ports/mail/mailman
>   % sudo make -DMM_DIR=mailman/vhosts/lists.wilson-pta.org -
> It just installs in the default location, /usr/local/mailman
> And this paradoxical report of various settings
> $ sudo make MM_DIR=mailman/vhosts/lists.wilson-pta.org -

This could be a really stupid question (because I've never tried to do what 
you're doing), but shouldn't the above line be:

$ sudo make MM_DIR=/mailman/vhosts/lists.wilson-pta.org

In other words, don't you have to provide the *absolute* patch to the install 

In addition, I would think you would need to change PREFIX as well for the port 
to install where you want it to.

So, ISTM, you should be doing this:

$ sudo make PREFIX=/usr/local/mailman/vhost/lists.wilson-pta.org 

rather than trying to set MM_DIR.  Note you may *also* have to set MM_DIR, but 
I'm almost certain you need to set PREFIX if you want the port to install there 
instead of /usr/local/mailman.

The problem is, I'm not exactly sure *where* you want mailman to install, so 
it's hard to be correct without more information.

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