[Mailman-Users] Running two list with same email prefix

Karl O. Pinc kop at meme.com
Sat Aug 15 20:55:04 CEST 2009

On 08/12/2009 10:24:50 AM, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Andrea Cappelli wrote:
> >I'm running a mail server with Debian Lenny, MTA is Postfix and i
> will
> >use postfix-to-mailma.py script to run list
> >
> >I would set up Mailman for running mailing list with same email
> prefix
> >on different domains, obvious with different list names
> >
> >For example we have ml.domain1.com and ml.domain2.net, i would like
> to
> >have
> >
> >tech at ml.domain1.com 		tech-ml.domain1.com
> >tech at ml.domain.2.net 		tech-ml.domain2.net
> >
> >In this way i can have the same address on differente domains and
> >Mailman (my version is 2.1.11) can distinguish between lists because
> the
> >list name is different. The list name will be also used to access 
> web
> >interface, so we have
> >
> >http://ml.domain1.com/mailman/admin/tech-ml.domain1.com
> >http://ml.domain2.net/mailman/admin/tech-ml.domain2.net
> >
> >Is possible to accomplish this task? Any idea?
> Yes, it is possible to do this. What you describe is almost exactly
> what cPanel does in their modified Mailman. There are other patches
> around, but IMO, none are totally satisfactory. At least one user has
> recently posted that he is working on his own implementation.

I got it working without any patching with a small change
to postfix's configuration.

> This feature, but not necessarily this implementation, will be in MM
> 3.
> The main thing you need to do is arange for mail delivery
> (postfix-to-mailman.py in your case) to deliver mail addressed to
> list at example.com, list-bounces at example.com, etc. and also
> list-bounces+xxx at example.com and list-confirm+xxx at example.com to the
> appropriate list-example.com list.
> Then the fun begins. If you want the 'correct' address in the List-*
> headers, etc., that's a patch. Probably just to
> MailList.getListAddress().

I think the postfix rewrite rules in the above post fix this also.
I forget.  Of course when it comes to the web interface
there's lots of things that don't match up with how
things look to the email user.

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