[Mailman-Users] Running two list with same email prefix

Andrea Cappelli a.cappelli at gmail.com
Sat Aug 15 11:59:35 CEST 2009

Il giorno mer, 12/08/2009 alle 08.24 -0700, Mark Sapiro ha scritto:
> Andrea Cappelli wrote:
> This feature, but not necessarily this implementation, will be in MM 3.


> The main thing you need to do is arange for mail delivery
> (postfix-to-mailman.py in your case) to deliver mail addressed to
> list at example.com, list-bounces at example.com, etc. and also
> list-bounces+xxx at example.com and list-confirm+xxx at example.com to the
> appropriate list-example.com list.

So I have to create the list with the original name plus a unique
trailing and after create mail alias and let postfix rewrite the
destination from the alias to the real name before passing the mail to
mailman, correct?

> Then the fun begins. If you want the 'correct' address in the List-*
> headers, etc., that's a patch. Probably just to
> MailList.getListAddress().
> If you are willing to use the list-example.com names for the web
> interface and elsewhere, that may be enough, but you will undoubtedly
> discover other things that need to be 'fixed'.

Thany you for the reply, I'll try and if i'll reach the goal i'll post
the solution here

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