[Mailman-Users] Word Wrap

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Aug 18 17:16:05 CEST 2009

Adrean Clark wrote:

>I'm still having trouble with word wrap.  I send out messages in plain
>text, and I don't have the message editor enabled.  I've pasted a sample
>message below.  Also notice in the first sentence of the article a > sign
>was added.  It's not in the original -- where did that come from?  Thanks
>for all your help.
>Melanie Bond
>Words: 2,441
>Chapter 18
>Amnicon Falls State Park
>>From Little Girls Point, we headed west on U.S. Highway 2 and entered
>northern Wisconsin. After two hours of driving, we passed a road sign

Taking your second question first, lines that begin with "From " are
special message separators in many kinds of mailbox files. Thus, when
the body of a mail message contains a line that begins with "From "
various mail handling software will munge that line, most often by
placing '>' in front of it, but sometimes in quoted-printable encoded
parts, by encoding the F as =46.

In your case, this escaping of the From to >From probably was done by
your mail client or by a transfer agent before it got to Mailman, but
if is reached Mailman unescaped, Mailman would have escaped it upon
sending the message.

As far as the word wrap issue is concerned, I don't understand the
problem. If you are saying that the two lines I quote above together
with the rest of that paragraph were typed by you as one long line
without any "hard returns" and came back to you as you posted - i.e.
wrapped to about a 75 character width - all I can tell you is Mailman
didn't do that wrapping. Either the text was wrapped, probably by your
mail client, befor it got to Mailman, or it was wrapped after it left
Mailman. You should be able to see which by looking at the message in
Mailman's archive.

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