[Mailman-Users] Template Question

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Aug 19 04:48:58 CEST 2009

Jeff Grossman wrote:

>I am moving my Mailman 2.1.12 installation from an old Mac OS X box to a
>freshly installed Debian stable machine.  I am running Mailman 2.1.12
>from testing.  I copied over my lists directory and seem to have a
>problem with the templates.  I have some customized templates in the en
>directory of each mailing list in the lists directory.  Mailman does not
>seem to be using those customized templates, but using the generic ones.
>I thought the ones in each mailing list directory was always the first
>used?  Or is it something with the way Debian setups up Mailman?  Any
>help would be appreciated.

If these are 'archive' templates you definitely need to restart Mailman
after installing them as they are cached in ArchRunner. You shouldn't
need to do this for 'web' templates and probably not for 'email'
templates, but it wouldn't hurt. Also, cronpass.txt isn't associated
with a list so it doesn't work in any lists/LISTNAME/en directory,
even the site list's. If you have restarted Mailman after putting
templates in lists/LISTNAME/en, and they still aren't being picked up,
then I don't know what the problem is. I don't think it's a Debianism.

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