[Mailman-Users] mailman + postfix = strange behaviour

Marek Kozlowski kozlowsm at mini.pw.edu.pl
Thu Aug 20 19:12:31 CEST 2009

> How do you approve the post? Web or email? If email are you including
> the Approved: password header in your approval message?

Via web interface.

> Do the approved posts get to the archive?
> Check all of Mailman's logs? Does the vette log show the approvals?
> It could be that content filtering is removing the entire post after
> approval and handling it according to filter_action.

Oups! Sorry! Didn't notice that mailman logs are in /var/lib/... :-(

error: no error messages
post: only "post to ... <nr_of_group_members> failures"
qrunner: no error messages
smtp: no error messages
smtp-failure: that's it! Lots of errors like:

"Aug 20 18:50:10 2009 (15479) delivery to someuser at mini.pw.edu.pl failed 
with code -1: Server not connected"


Best regards,

BTW: vette is OK.

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