[Mailman-Users] Is there a way to configure the confirmations inspanish?

Jose Antonio Villarreal nauyaca_1910 at yahoo.com.mx
Fri Aug 21 18:52:58 CEST 2009

Thank you, but finally i decided, to moderate the subscriptions, and i would like to change the subjects of the emails written in Spanish.

For example:
"Bienvenido a la lista de distribución de...".
I would like to have "difusión" instead of "distribución", I found the file
in my server and I change the msgstr value, but i don't kow how to build the mailman.mo

#: Mailman/Deliverer.py:77
msgid "Welcome to the \"%(realname)s\" mailing list%(digmode)s"
msgstr "Bienvenido a la lista de difusión %(realname)s%(digmode)s"

How can i do it?

--- El jue 20-ago-09, Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net> escribió:

De:: Mark Sapiro <mark at msapiro.net>
Asunto: Re: [Mailman-Users] Is there a way to configure the confirmations inspanish?
A: "Jose Antonio Villarreal" <nauyaca_1910 at yahoo.com.mx>
Fecha: jueves 20 de agosto de 2009, 21:21

Jose Antonio Villarreal wrote:

>Thank you!, well I changed the preferred language to Spanish, and i can change some things to Spanish:
>1. Welcome message (editing the template i can have the content in Spanish, the subject is in Spanish: "Bienvenido a las lista...")
>2. The notification when someone has been deleted from the list, the subject is in Spanish also("Se ha dado de baja..."), and I can edit the content
>But the confirm messages received after sending a mail to
>mylist-iie-join at bla.com, or mylist-iie-leave at bla,com, their
 content are still in English.

In my tests, If the list's preferred_language is Spanish and I mail
list-join at ..., I receive a confirmation message in Spanish, and when I
confirm and confirm my language is Spanish, I receive the welcome
message in Spanish. If I am a list member and my member preferred
language is Spanish and I mail list-leave at ... I receive a confirmation
message in Spanish, and when I confirm, I receive the goodbye message
in Spanish.

I don't know why this wouldn't work the same way for you.

>I don't know if its a problem in my installation, in Debian unstable version, the default installation was in English the first time. Anyway I'll be working on.

I did all the above testing on an English language installation, and
all I did was change the test list's preferred_language to Spanish.

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