[Mailman-Users] Bounce processing

Ian Gray selectperformers at gmail.com
Thu Aug 20 16:20:16 CEST 2009


Please be kind to me, although I have used mailman on a personal level
for some years, I have only used Mailman as offered free from our web
host. I no nothing about python and have got confused by some of the
technical language used in the archive. I can only edit Mailman
through the admin interface as it has been offered from my host
(probably on a shared server)

One of our clients wanted us to give him 4 mailing lists along side
the website we built for him. I made 2 into announce only lists (using
info I found on a blog) and two as standard mailing lists.

The client wants to receive bounces. However I am aware that mailman
usually handles these. I think he wants the member to be automatically
disabled when a bounce is received and for him to receive that.

Here is some info on the list:
Mailman v.2.1.6
I've set the same 3 email addresses (myself, client, client's wife)
for the admin and for the moderator.

Bounce Processing settings:
* Should Mailman perform automatic bounce processing? YES
* The maximum member bounce score before the member's subscription is
disabled. 0.5
* The number of days after which a member's bounce information is discarded 7
* How many Your Membership Is Disabled warnings a disabled member
should get before their address is removed from the mailing list. 0
* The number of days between sending the Your Membership Is Disabled warnings. 7
* Should Mailman send you, the list owner, any bounce messages that
failed to be detected by the bounce processor? YES
* Should Mailman notify you, the list owner, when bounces cause a
member's subscription to be disabled? YES
* Should Mailman notify you, the list owner, when bounces cause a
member to be unsubscribed? YES

I would have thought with the above settings that if a bounce is
received the subscriber would be disabled and the admin would be sent
the bounce if the email address is incorrect. However I added some
fake email addresses and sent some test emails out and nothing was

I assume that all 3 admins should receive the bounce?

Hope you can help me!


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