[Mailman-Users] Mailman post not sent to email address in same domain

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sat Aug 22 17:18:29 CEST 2009

Bradley Cummins, Member Manager wrote:

>After six months of positive results, I could use some help trying to 
>figure out why Mailman seems to be producing inconsistent results. 
>You'll see in the two postings below which were taken from the smtp log 
>that a member was dropped in the second posting.  I also looked through 
>the maillog, and found the same result there.  One email address was 
>left off of the list serve recipients. 
>Aug 21 17:17:22 2009 (3634) <xxx> smtp to members for 153 recips, 
>completed in 33.377 seconds
>Aug 21 18:02:16 2009 (3634) <xxx> smtp to members for 152 recips, 
>completed in 33.898 seconds
>The member's roster didn't change during this time. The email address in 
>question (which was left off the second posting) is part of the same 
>domain as the sender and the list serve.  It received the first email 
>which originated from another domain.

A post will be sent to all regular (non-digest) members with delivery
enabled except it will not be sent to the poster if the poster has
selected 'not metoo' and it will not be sent to any member address in
a To: or Cc: header if the member has selected 'nodups'.

If the member address that didn't receive the second post was still a
regular member with delivery enabled and was not the sender of the
second post and was not directly addressed in To: or Cc: of the second
post, check Mailman's smtp-failure log to see if there was a problem
with this delivery.

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