[Mailman-Users] Getting info about bounces

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Aug 24 17:39:20 CEST 2009

Bernie Cosell wrote:

>How can I figure out *WHY* a particular user's email is bouncing?   A 
>member on one list, with whom I've exchanged email without a problem [and 
>who successfully received the "Your membership in the mailing list has 
>been disabled due to excessive bounces" messages [which, of course, 
>didn't bounce..:o)]  So the question arises: why did mailman think there 
>were excessive bounces?  Is there some log or something that would 
>include the 'reason' info that the SMTP server sent back so I and the 
>user [and their ISP] can try to figure out what the problem was?

The bounces, but not the reasons, are logged in Mailman's bounce log.

If Bounce processing -> bounce_notify_owner_on_disable is set to Yes, a
notice will be sent to the list owner containing the actual bounce
which triggers disabling the member's delivery.

Your system mail log may also contain information about the bounces if
the bounces originate at the local MTA.
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