[Mailman-Users] won't let me edit the HTML

Bill Catambay andale at excaliburworld.com
Tue Aug 25 19:29:27 CEST 2009

I am trying to customize our Options page, and I want to add links to 
our main website within the page (really the only changes I am 
making).  When I try to save, I get:

"The page you saved contains suspicious HTML that could potentially 
expose your users to cross-site scripting attacks. This change has 
therefore been rejected. If you still want to make these changes, you 
must have shell access to your Mailman server."

Cross-site scripting attacks from a simple link?  I'm feeling the 
weight of big brother here.

The error page includes a link to FAQ 4.48, which displays:
Below you will find links to our Frequently Asked Questions. There 
are hundreds of entries, so they're organized into several sections: 
click on each section to view the questions for that section, or use 
the "View in Hierarchy" link to see them all listed in a tree. (you 
will need to click on the + signs to expand the tree and see all 
You may also wish to make use of the site search (in the top right 
hand corner) to find a particular error message or problem.
extract, emails

Children (6)   Hide Children  |  View in Hierarchy
  1 Introduction - What is GNU Mailman?
  2 Help for mailing list members
  3 List administrator tasks
  4 Site administrator tasks
  5 Downloading and installing Mailman
  6 Integration issues (with mail or web servers)

Nothing obvious here on how to resolve this issue.

Anybody have the short and skinny solution for getting around this?


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