[Mailman-Users] Automatically add virtual-mailman aliases to a Postfix sender access list

Yeray Gutiérrez Cedrés ycedres at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 14:19:46 CEST 2009

I'm new to Mailman and I wonder if there is a proper way to
automatically add the addresses created in the virtual-mailman file
(when a new list is created) to a list for the check_sender_access
postfix restriction. For example, if I create the list "mailmantest",
the following is added to the virtual-mailman file:

# STANZA START: mailmantest
# CREATED: Wed Aug 26 11:32:36 2009
mailmantest at domain.tld              mailmantest
mailmantest-admin at domain.tld        mailmantest-admin
mailmantest-bounces at domain.tld      mailmantest-bounces
mailmantest-confirm at domain.tld      mailmantest-confirm
mailmantest-join at domain.tld         mailmantest-join
mailmantest-leave at domain.tld        mailmantest-leave
mailmantest-owner at domain.tld        mailmantest-owner
mailmantest-request at domain.tld      mailmantest-request
mailmantest-subscribe at domain.tld    mailmantest-subscribe
mailmantest-unsubscribe at domain.tld  mailmantest-unsubscribe
# STANZA END: mailmantest

In my Postfix main.cf file I have:

smtpd_sender_restrictions =
     check_sender_access hash:/etc/postfix/lists_relay,

The /etc/postfix/lists_relay file is like this:

mailmantest at domain.tld OK
mailmantest-admin at domain.tld OK
mailmantest-bounces at domain.tld OK

And so on.

I'd like those entries in the /etc/postfix/lists_relay file to be
created automatically after running "newlist mailmantest".


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