[Mailman-Users] Site not responding

Scott Jones sanchiro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 20:30:09 CET 2009

I am at work, and unable to ssh to or access the webmin for my site,
running on http://fyrenice.com/mailman/

I am confused why the site doesn't seem to be responding, i.e., it
won't reflect back out if I email to <listname>@fyrenice.com with
'help' in the subject or body. Isn't that supposed to trigger the list
to reply back with instructions, with help information on a specific

At work here I am behind a corporate firewall, so I can't navigate and
connect via http://fyrenice.com/mailman/admin. Strangely enough though
I can connect to the webmin using http://fyrenice.com:<portnumber>/
and I can log in to my router.

Could someone help me understand this behavior?

Thank You,


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