[Mailman-Users] Site not responding

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 3 21:23:30 CET 2009

Scott Jones wrote:

>I am at work, and unable to ssh to or access the webmin for my site,
>running on http://fyrenice.com/mailman/
>I am confused why the site doesn't seem to be responding, i.e., it
>won't reflect back out if I email to <listname>@fyrenice.com with
>'help' in the subject or body. Isn't that supposed to trigger the list
>to reply back with instructions, with help information on a specific
>At work here I am behind a corporate firewall, so I can't navigate and
>connect via http://fyrenice.com/mailman/admin. Strangely enough though
>I can connect to the webmin using http://fyrenice.com:<portnumber>/
>and I can log in to my router.
>Could someone help me understand this behavior?

Something or things on your server are not working. Someone has to
access the server and find out what's wrong. No one on this list other
than you can do this.

Your server at does not respond to connect requests to
port 80. This probably indicates the web server (apache?) is down

Exim does respond to port 25 connects, so presumably mail is being
delivered to Mailman's queues, but if you get no replies from Mailman,
perhaps there is an outgoing mail issue or one or more of Mailman's
qrinners is not running.

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