[Mailman-Users] Technical Problem/Question

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Dec 7 17:53:29 CET 2009

CmdrNCDiv at aol.com writes:

 >   I am the moderator of the Telegram List Server.  I recently  tried to get 
 > into the Telegram Administrative Interface to change my password  and could 
 > not do it.  I followed the steps below.

Hi, Tom,

You have posted to the mailman-users at python.org.  This is a list where
operators and moderators of lists on various hosts help each other
with the operation of mailing lists using the Mailman software.
However, we do not provide any list hosting ourselves.  You need to
contact the administrators of the "Telegram" service directly, because
only they have the necessary authority to change passwords on their
host.  We simply do not have the access.

 > I have no idea why my password works with the Telegram Moderator
 > Authentication but then doesn't work with the Telegram
 > Administration Authentication?  Any help would be appreciated.

That is a question I can answer.  In Mailman, moderation and list
administration are separate functions.  Moderators have very
restricted powers, basically to approve or reject posts.  List
administrators are far more powerful, able to view and change members'
subscription settings, even for members who have requested privacy,
for example.  Therefore these have separate passwords, allowing site
administrators to have different security policies for the different

Depending on site policy, you may be able to set them to be the same,
but you will need to take care to reset both manually; there is
currently no way to configure so that resetting one password
automatically resets the other to the same (new) password.

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