[Mailman-Users] listserv question

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Thu Dec 10 03:42:19 CET 2009

Carolyn Vander Schee wrote:

> I am wondering if you could help me with a problem I am having regarding
> a list serv that has recently been set up.

First, a mention that "listserv" is trademark for -another- mailing list 
manager, it's not a generic name for any mailing list manager.

> It seems as though some members of the group are receiving a very messy
> post (ie., characters do not all turn out and spaces are missing). This,
> of course, is making it difficult for our members to read. Some members
> however are receiving the message as it was sent (no problems).

This sort of thing usually isn't a problem with mailman, but rather with the 
sending and receiving mail programs (AKA "mail user agent" or MUA), so 
you're probably better off looking at the MUAs than mailman. That said, to 
get anywhere we'd have to see exactly what they're getting and to know about 
which sending and receiving programs are working properly. Also look at the 
content encoding message headers. If you haven't taken a spin through the 
mailman docs and FAQ, please do so.

> When I compose the messages, I am careful to take all the formatting out
> (using word) and then paste the unformatted announcement in my email
> (novell email).

IMHO ms-word is a terrible tool for removing formatting. Better to use a 
plain text editor (even notepad) and paste from there into groupwise. Also, 
check your GW settings to send only plain text email.


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