[Mailman-Users] Automatic rejection on message size?

John Todd jtodd at digium.com
Thu Dec 10 21:52:24 CET 2009

Hello -
  I've scoured the wiki, FAQ, and mailing list archives but perhaps  
I'm not using the right keywords... I'm looking to have Mailman  
(2.1.9) automatically reject messages that exceed our pre-set size  

  Why?  We have a large number of users who cut/paste debug logs, code  
snippets, SVN output, and all manner of text into their messages.   
These are NOT attachments; they're text in the message body that is  
not MIME encoded.  I manage two dozen or so lists, and every day I get  
at least 10 moderated messages in my to-be-moderated queues that are  
all there because of size overruns.  This gets really tedious, since  
all I do is "Reject" them with a message about their post exceeding  
the size limit.

  I see no obvious way that I can set a list (or the whole system, for  
that matter) to auto-reject with a message based on size of the  
message.  It would actually seem to me that this would be a desirable  
setting to have overall - is there a recipe for modifying the filter/ 
actions so that I can make this happen?  I'm not a python wizard (or  
even neophyte) and I have very little understanding of the internals  
of Mailman at this point, so I'd kindly ask that any hints someone has  
to offer could be worded in a way that is approachable by a skilled  
*NIX admin but not a developer or Mailman wizard.  :-)  Thanks!


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