[Mailman-Users] Error running bin/mailmanctl restart

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 17 16:35:42 CET 2009

Paul Kleeberg wrote:

>Mark has been helping me with this off-line

It wasn't my intent to go off-line, but if someone replies to me
without including the list, I tend not to copy the list on further

>and get the following error:
>	***** Installation directory /var/mailman is not configured properly!
>	***** Directory must be owned by group _mailman: /var/mailman 
>/var/mailman is has the settings root:wheel while the files inside are root:_mailman.
>Do I need to change the group of the /var/mailman directory for the install?  I know that change is probably not significant, but I an not sure enough of my knowledge to know.

It is only significant to configure in your case, but configure whant
the prefix and var_prefix directories to be SETGID and Mailman's group
so that subordinates created by make install will be the same.

When you originally asked about this off line, I thought what you had
would be OK because it was a working installation, but apparently it
only works for Apple :(

You need to

chgrp _mailman /var/mailman
chmod g+s /var/mailman

to make configure happy. The prefix directory (/usr/share/mailman in
your case) needs to be the same.

>Once I get this right, I plan on upgrading a 10.6.2 production server running 2.1.12rc1 to 2.1.12.

FYI, 2.1.13rc1 is released and 2.1.13 final will be released next week
barring the unexpected. It fixes several minor bugs in 2.1.12.

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