[Mailman-Users] Iphone and Mailman

Jan Behrens lucither at lucither.de
Thu Dec 17 18:56:17 CET 2009


I'm using mailman 2.1.9 on a suse11 linux server with qmail und i  
found a strange behaviour:

whenever i send an email to the list via the mail.app on my IPhone,  
sent images are lost.

when i send the same email to that list  with Mail on my macbook,  
everything is okay.

since mail works normally and mail.app send its pictures via email to  
other people, it seems to be a small problem with the parsing of an  
iphone mail.

Is there anything known about that or a workaround? i googled und used  
your manuals but haven't found anything.

best regards Jan

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