[Mailman-Users] Iphone and Mailman

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Dec 18 16:39:56 CET 2009

Jan Behrens wrote:
>whenever i send an email to the list via the mail.app on my IPhone,  
>sent images are lost.
>when i send the same email to that list  with Mail on my macbook,  
>everything is okay.
>since mail works normally and mail.app send its pictures via email to  
>other people, it seems to be a small problem with the parsing of an  
>iphone mail.

It may be the list's content filtering doing this or it may be
something else. In order to see more, we would need to see your
content filtering settings (assuming filter_content is Yes), and we
would need to see the MIME structure of the message from the iPhone,
i.e. a raw message sent directly from the iPhone. This could have the
actual message part contents removed, but we'd need all headers
including sub-part headers and boundarys.

If you want, you could send me directly (off list) a message with an
image from the iPhone.

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