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Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Fri Dec 18 20:00:42 CET 2009

Lindsay Haisley wrote:

>On Fri, 2009-12-18 at 18:34 +0200, Geoff Shang wrote:
>> Yes I can clear their moderation flag, and in fact this is what I first 
>> suggested, but my message was in response to a message from Mark who was 
>> putting forward the position that this was a bad idea and that it's better 
>> to post using the Approved: header instead.
>I don't entirely agree with Mark on this.  I generally offer my
>customers the option of using either mechanism, with the caveat that
>using the mod flag is potentially less secure.  

FWIW, I was recommending the Approved: <password> approach in the
context of a reply where the OP said "I only want the list
administrator to be able to post messages to the list".

I agree that in the case where you have authorized posters who are not
necessarily admins or moderators that controlling posting by
unmoderating posters and/or accept_these_nonmembers is appropriate
although still subject to spoofing. It all depends on the list.

>You have two moderation passwords, one for "administrators" and one for
>"moderators".  Either will work in an "Approved" header or pseudo-
>header.  If you don't designate any moderators, then only the
>administrator password is effective.  There's no reason you couldn't
>designate a group of moderators and give them the password, and then
>change it administratively if their service is no longer needed.

Just to be clear, the presence or absence of an email address in the
owner or moderator attributes of a list has nothing to do with who can
do what. It only controls where notices are sent and what appears in
web page footers.

It is quite possible to set a moderator password without adding any
addresses to 'moderator', and anyone who knows that password can post
an Approved: or Urgent: message and log in to the admindb page.

See the FAQ at <http://wiki.list.org/x/5YA9>.

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