[Mailman-Users] glitch or something I missed?

Hicks, Robert CTR Robert.L.Hicks at uscg.mil
Mon Dec 21 15:18:36 CET 2009

I setup mailman and I have a user that sent me the following:

I am the list administrator for several deckplates in District 13.  
Yesterday I had 2 submissions (different subjects) by the same person to
3 different deckplates.  When I went to approve them, both messages were there but there was only one big box covering both messages to approve, discard, etc.  Usually there is a separate approval box for each message.  Anyway, I checked approve on all 3 deckplates, but only the message with the earliest date was released.

I've never had this happen before.  Usually there is an approval box for each message and I have released several at once in the past.  Is this a glitch in the system?

Did I miss a config option maybe?


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