[Mailman-Users] Site administrative broadcast to all lists and alllist members - server wide

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Dec 21 20:23:56 CET 2009

Brandon Rodak wrote:

>I have searched for a way to send a "server-wide" broadcast message to all
>admins and subscribers and found the following (which I have yet to try):
>"Send a message with an Urgent: header that contains the admin password and
>it's supposed to be sent as a direct message to all subscribers"
>What I find a but confusing is how to specify an "Urgent" header.  Does this
>person mean to say place "Urgent" in the subject line with the Admin
>password?  In other words, I am not sure how to specify or manipulate a
>message's "header" with Mailman.

First, a few things about an 'urgent' message. This is a list function,
not a server function. If you send an urgent message to a list, it
only goes to the members of that list. If you send it to all lists,
members of more that one list will be sent multiple copies.

Also, urgent messages are not sent to owners or moderators unless they
are also list members. To mail the owners and moderators of a list,
send mail to LISTNAME-owner at ...

That said, the Urgent: <password> header is just that. It must be added
to your message as a header. Unlike Approved:, it can't be a
pseudo-header in an initial body line, It must be a real message
header. How you do this is a function of your MUA (mail client). Mutt
makes it fairly easy to edit a raw message before it is sent and add
headers. With thunderbird, you can go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced
-> Config Editor... and add Urgent to mail.compose.other.header to add
it to the To:, Cc:, etc pulldown list in mail composition.

Other MUAs such as I think MS Outlook and most webmail clients do not
provide a way to do this.

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