[Mailman-Users] Mailman < > forum ?

John Fitzsimons johnf at net2000.com.au
Mon Dec 21 23:58:57 CET 2009

On Mon, 21 Dec 2009 13:21:10 -0500, Terri Oda wrote:
>John Fitzsimons wrote:

Hi Terri,

>> Are there currently *any* web forum(s) that enable forum/mailman
>> mirroring ? In other words a Mailman email going to a web forum and
>> vica versa ?
>> I believe that something like this could work with phpbb2 but not the
>> current release. Can anyone help please ?

>Not yet, but I'd like there to be, because I think a web forum could be 
>a more user-friendly (or at least user-familiar) way for us to handle 
>archives.  I started looking in to it some time ago, but life happened 
>and the code I'd hoped to write didn't.

I HATE web forums but know people who like them. The advantage 
of a web forum <> email situation is IMO "participation".

Suppose 10 people who dislike forums are on an email list.
Suppose 10 people who dislike email lists are on a forum.

With mirroring all 20 could be talking to each other. Each using
his/her preferred posting method.

Lastly, some people prefer both. Eg. email from home and web forum 
posting from work.

Regards, John.

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