[Mailman-Users] Mass Removal of Subscribers from Mailing List

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Thu Dec 24 21:35:17 CET 2009

certuspersonality wrote:

>This is a new attempt to receive a meaningful reply to above subject.
>I am not able to use Mailman commands on my server, as Mailman is 
>integrated in cpanel of the hosting server I am subscribed to.
>I need to remove all subscriber email addresses in a given mailing 
>list to then mass-subscribe a number of new email addresses.
>As the existing list is long and I do not have a backup of it on my 
>computer, I cannot copy them into the field displayed for mass removal.
>It is possible to mark all given entries in the 'unsub' column 
>individually but that takes ages to do.
>Is there a way of marking them in one go?

I grant that my reply to your original post was not helpful because I
misunderstood your question. However, I thought Terri's reply at
was relevant and informative. Perhaps if you can address that
particular reply, specifically what about it you didn't understand or
isn't applicable in your situation, we can provide more information.

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