[Mailman-Users] Replying to digests

Clare Redstone clare at catspaw.plus.com
Mon Dec 28 17:55:11 CET 2009



I'm in the process of setting up Mailman for a discussion group of about 100
members. From past experience, I know some people will prefer to have digest
but they'll also probably just hit the "reply" button without editing the
subject or deleting anything automatically included. I think this will mean
their replies will contain the entire digest: difficult to work out which
message they're replying to and using archive space on the server.


1.       How do I stop this happening?


At the moment, the only thing I can think of is to filter out messages
containing "digest" in the subject line and hold those for moderation.


2.       Can I also filter messages with "digest" in the body? I can't see
where to do this in the administrative interface.


3.       When I'm reviewing a message held for moderation, can I edit it to
remove unwanted bits of the digest? I need to do this without altering the
sender's details so members know the message is from them and not from me?
When I click on the message in the moderation queue, I can see a message
excerpt but can't see how to edit it.


4.       If messages have got through with lots of unwanted text, is it
possible for me to edit them in the archive? Otherwise my archive may be
unnecessarily large and I can't afford endless server space.


Thanks for your help.


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