[Mailman-Users] Replying to digests

Clare Redstone clare at catspaw.plus.com
Tue Dec 29 22:19:44 CET 2009

>>it was Yahoo Group Digest messages...

I really like the way these digests work. You can click on a message in the
summary at the top and it scrolls down to that message.<<

Yes, that was the first thing I noticed, trying out the Mailman digest -
that it doesn't do this, so takes a bit longer viewing messages in a digest.

>> Then it has 'Reply to sender' and 'Reply to Group' links, as well as a
'Back to top' link at the bottom of each message which makes it easy to get
back to the summary if you are cherry picking which messages you want to
read - *very* useful for busy lists that have a lot of messages.<<

I'd forgotten about the "reply to" links the Yahoo digests have as well.

The Mailman MIME digest works pretty well for me in Outlook 2007. One
attachment has the list of messages, then each message is a separate
attachment so can be viewed and replied to individually. Keeping correct
subject. It doesn't work in Yahoo Mail though :(

I'd be very happy if digests in the next MM can be navigated and replied to
individually with ease.

In the mean time, I'll follow Mark's suggestions. (Those I can work out how
to do!)


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