[Mailman-Users] Admin Question

Chris Leleux chris.leleux at bitwiselogic.com
Wed Dec 30 03:48:32 CET 2009

This is probably a stupid question, but I'm having trouble setting up a new
ListServ for a  client.


I have created a new mail list - and added an admin and moderator.  I've
created three members (using 3 email accounts of mine).  These three user
accounts have received the message they been "subscribed".  The problem is
when I send a message to the listserv - the one in the subscribe email,
nothing happens.  It's not held and yet it doesn't go anywhere.  However
when someone that's not a member sends a message to that same listserv -
those get held in the pending file (waiting for the moderator to accept


What have I done wrong with the members?



Chris LeLeux
Bitwise Logic, Inc.
 <mailto:chris.leleux at bitwiselogic.com> chris.leleux at bitwiselogic.com


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