[Mailman-Users] Patch for use of Postfix VERP support

Jesper Dybdal jd-mailman-users at dybdal.dk
Sun Feb 1 00:18:17 CET 2009

On Sat, 3 Jan 2009 16:29:19 +0100, Fil <fil at rezo.net> wrote:

[About using Postfix' built-in VERP mechanism with Mailman]

>One thing to note: local addresses such as mine (fil at rezo.net is
>defined in /etc/postfix/virtual as an alias for recifs at gmail.com) will
>be VERPed to test-bounces+recifs=gmail.com and not

This has now been corrected in Postfix 2.6 Snapshot 20090125: that
version uses the orignal destination address as known by Mailman to
create the VERP'ed sender addresses.
Jesper Dybdal, Denmark.
http://www.dybdal.dk (in Danish).

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