[Mailman-Users] Need Help

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Tue Feb 3 19:20:06 CET 2009

niel mc wrote:
>I need help on my Mailman server.
>My Mailman server is operational and I am using it.
>Then I created another Mailman server of a separate computer, so that makes
>I have 2 Mailman servers.
>I need to migrate the mailing list of my old Mailman server to my new
>Mailman server.
>Question#1: Is it possible to merge or sync the Mailman mailing list from my
>old Mailman server to my new one?

If you mean move list1, list2, etc. from the old server to the new
server which hosts lista, listb, etc. so that all lists are now hosted
on the new server, then yes, it can be done fairly easily.

If you mean combine list1 on the old server with list1 on the new
server so that list1 on the new server then has membership and
archives equal to the union of the separate lists, then it is much
more difficult.

>Question#2: If yes, what process or commands that i should execute in order
>to do this?

It depends on which scenario you are trying to accomplish.

>Question#3: Would it be possible that there will be no Mailman interruptions
>with merge or sync my Mailing list
>                   from my old Mailman server to new one?

Again, it depends on which scenario, but in any case, it is not
possible to do completely safely without some down time.

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