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> On 02/03/09 13:13, Fil wrote:
> > Spam apart, does such a service exist?  A mail relay that works with
> > major email providers to have the best delivery rates?
> I believe there are indeed some services that utilize things like
> eStamps where a nominal fee per email is payed to help ensure that the
> message that you are sending is not spam.  Usually such service
> providers have agreements with large email providers indicating that
> they will heavily scrutinize their subscriber base and partially vouch
> for them that they will never send spam more than once, if that before
> they are no longer a subscriber.
> So in a way this is sort of like a notary in such as there is a 3rd
> party vouching (if you will) for the sender.
> Grant. . . .

I have never come across such service providers nor have I come across large
ISPs such as Yahoo.com and AOL.com offering such a program to other email
providers. We have simply gotten our servers whitelisted with these large
ISPs and made sure all of our mailman clients are legitimate. So our e-mails
are being delivered quickly without having to resort to some of the rate
limits techniques that some hosts impose on their mailing list clients.

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