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> On 02/03/09 14:14, Brian Carpenter wrote:
> > I have never come across such service providers nor have I come
> > across large ISPs such as Yahoo.com and AOL.com offering such a
> > program to other email providers. We have simply gotten our servers
> > whitelisted with these large ISPs and made sure all of our mailman
> > clients are legitimate. So our e-mails are being delivered quickly
> > without having to resort to some of the rate limits techniques that
> > some hosts impose on their mailing list clients.
> These services (or something closer to what Brad described) do exist.
> However, I think what you have done is probably the more feasible way
> to
> get your email through more reliably than relying on some 3rd party to
> do some of the leg work for you.  I also think that the appearance of
> you doing the leg work ahead of time and being pro-active in working
> with large hosting providers makes you look better and more likely to
> be
> legit when you do have the inevitable problem (how ever big or small it
> is).
> Grant. . . .
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Yeah just saw Brad's post after I sent mine.

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