[Mailman-Users] Question on Digest E-mails

Gary Moore Gary.P.Moore at hofstra.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:53:16 CET 2009

Thanks for the response, I will take a look at the setting on that.  And yes, I will let gladly let everyone know if that solves the problem. 
And I apologize to all of you for the mea culpa yesterday in not saying "mailing list".  I first used that other mailing list software 20 years ago and the term has unfortunately never left my brain.
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>>> On 2/3/2009 at 10:38 AM, in message <498864DF.3010703 at riverviewtech.net>, Grant Taylor <gtaylor at riverviewtech.net> wrote:
On 02/02/09 13:57, Gary Moore wrote:
> My apologies if this has been on the list before.  I have a mailman 
> listserv that I have setup to digest.  The messages are forwarded 
> from our blog to a general resource account which sends them out to 
> the listserv.  When the digest is sent out (see attached), each of 
> the digested messages has a "message scrubbed".  How can I solve this 
> problem.  Thanks in advance.

I'm just guessing here, but I'm betting that you are sending your digest 
out with the actual messages as MIME attachments rather than textual 
copy in a new message.  (Note:  I think this is a good thing, so keep it 

However I'm betting that Mailman is seeing the individual messages as 
attachments and is scrubbing them because it does not know about the 
MIME type, or more likely it is not an allowed MIME type.

Go to Content Filtering -> pass_mime_types and make sure that 
multipart/digest, message/rfc822 and possibly text/rfc822-headers are 
included in the list.  message/rfc822 is the standard attachment like 
you would receive if I forwarded a message to you (as an attachment).

(Please refer to section 5.1.5 of RFC 2046 for more information.)

I don't know if this will solve your problem or not, but at least it's a 
direction to look in to.

Please let us know if this solves the problem as if it does, I propose 
that multipart/digest and message/rfc822 get added to the default 
allowed MIME types.

Grant. . . .
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