[Mailman-Users] Mailman, Qmail -> Large Message Lost

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Wed Feb 4 16:19:28 CET 2009

Bradley Cummins, Member Manager wrote:

>I am running
>- Mailman 2.1.9
>- Qmail
>- CentOs
>- MySQLdb module
>I have been able to successfully send a mail to my list members, who are 
>stored in a MySQL, database.  This worked when there were eight members. 
> Now that I'm trying it on a production level with approx. 200 members 
>it doesn't work...or, at least, it hasn't after the first 45 min.
>There are currently only 157 members in my list.
>/var/qmail/concurrencyremote is 250
>/var/qmail/concurrencylocal is 30
>Could anyone help me improve this performance?

Look in Mailman's smtp log for a message like

Feb 04 03:30:05 2009 (12244) <message-id> smtp to LISTNAME for 157
recips, completed in n.nnn seconds

where <message-id> is the message-id of your message and LISTNAME is
the name of your list. If that log message is there, mailman has
completed delivery to qmail. If n.nnn seconds is excessively long,
search the FAQ at <> for performance.

If the entire delay is not explained by n.nnn seconds, the delay is in
Qmail's delivery of the mail. If Qmail is delivering directly, this is
a Qmail question. If Qmail is relaying via your ISP, your ISP may be
throttling delivery.

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