[Mailman-Users] understanding topics

Joseph Cain cain at tfn.net
Sat Feb 7 19:14:53 CET 2009

I am setting up topics on one of our lists and am a bit perplexed about 
the "yes" option that follows.

I have some subscribers that are burned out one reading about one topic 
and would like to be able to exclude receiving any more posts to it. 
Will the following recipe work?

first, I set up a topic that most anyone would want to select, like 
"burglary" or "police" for example since this is a neighborhood list and 
most everyone wants to know about criminal activity.

I then set a few topics including the one they don't want to see any more 

I suggest they check only the burglary topic, but then put "yes" in the
selection that follows.

Is it true then that they will NOT receive posts to the
available topics they do not check, and all others that do not match any 
topic key word, or will it mean they would receive all posts anyway? If 
it is the latter, why does the yes/no option exist?

Joseph Cain	cain at tfn.net
(850) 385-0227 or fax after prior call to setup

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