[Mailman-Users] Mailman Configuration

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Sun Feb 8 17:18:18 CET 2009

nmcherla at aim.com wrote:
>I am new to mailman and have installed and configured Mailman with
>Postfix and SpamAssassin.? Now I am trying to create first Site-wide
>Mailing list "mailman".? It is prompting me for email of the person
>running the list and not sure what else it would be asking for.? As it
>the site wide mailing list , not sure what to enter here. Any
>suggestions would be really helpful.? 
>?bash-3.2# bin/newlist mailman
>Enter the email of the person running the list:

This is the email address of the list owner. In the case of the site
list (mailman list), the list owner would normally be the Mailman site
administrator (you?).

>And in my mm_cfg.py file


>and when i type the URL mymailman.xxx.org it only displays "It works!"? , but if i type the URL as mymailman.xx.org/mailman then only I can see the page.? What am i doing work.

You're not doing anything wrong. If you want http://mymailman.xxx.org
to go to the Mailman listinfo overview page, you need to set this up
in your web server. Assuming Apache, the easiest way to do this is add

RedirectMatch ^[/]+$   http://mymailman.xxx.org/mailman/listinfo

to the appropriate section of httpd.conf.

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