[Mailman-Users] mailman python-2.4 using 96% cpu

Mark Sapiro mark at msapiro.net
Mon Feb 9 18:04:04 CET 2009

Goodman, William wrote:

>I apologize Mark...

Thanks. No problem.

>This is the output of:
># ls -aR /opt/software/mailman/qfiles/
>.  ..  archive  bounces  commands  in  news  out  retry  shunt  virgin
>.  ..

You are in the process of queueing one bounce, and 9 other bounces have
arrived in the last 1.4 seconds.

>.  ..

You are processing one incoming message and 3 other messages have
arrived within 1 second of that one.

>.  ..
>.   1234190978.3703849+eed96b821c17c2186fc25541469e5ef0c0af6a47.pck
>..  1234190978.738651+91bcf5af1bdaac8c799b378c3b1301b10a53252c.bak

You are processing one outgoing message and another is waiting which
from within a fraction of a second.

>.  ..
>.  ..
>.  .. 

It looks to me like you are being hit with massive amounts of spam to
the list's post and bounces address or you have some kind of mail loop
going on which is generating all this mail.

Your high CPU utilization is a result of Mailman doing real work to
handle all this mail.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>Goodman, William wrote:
>I suppose it's possible you are just being bombarded with mail. Perhaps
>there is some kind of mail loop.

See above?

>What's in Mailman's vette log?


>What do you see if you stop Mailman and while it is stopped do

Stop Mailman. (bin/mailmanctl stop)

>ls -aR qfiles/
>Do you see any entries? If so, and you do the ls again are there more
>entries or the same ones? If there are entries, what's in them (use
>bin/show_qfiles to list them)?

Look at the queue entries with bin/show_qfiles. What kinds of messages
do they contain?

>Also, as root do
>strace -p xxx -o filename
>where xxx is the pid of incoming runner. Let it run for 10 or 20 seconds
>and then stop it with control-C and see what's in the output (filename).

It's not necessary to do the above since I think I know that there is
not actually a problem with Mailman's relinquishing when it doesn't
have anything to do. The problem is it always has something to do.

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